Archery Session

Archery Session
Från GBP 25,00 GB£
  • Varaktighet: 60 Minuter (cirka)
  • Plats: KYLE, Ross-Shire

The traditional hunting skill of archery, the propulsion of an arrow with the use of a bow, whilst still used traditionally by some tribes and specialist hunters, is now primarily a recreational or competitive, Olympic activity.

At Raasay House we use flat-bows a variation of the traditional European longbow. Starting out at range of 10 m we’ll teach you how to load the bow, how to fire correctly and how to aim for the gold.

Once you’ve mastered the basics we’ll put them to the test in an Olympic style competition.

• Duration: 1 hour

• Age Restriction: Over 5

• Maximum: 12 people (minimum 4 people)

• Equipment Provided: Bow, arrows, target

** CANCELLATIONS DUE TO COVID ILLNESS OR RESTRICTIONS** You will be refunded if you can demonstrate that this is the reason.